Saturday, August 30, 2014

late august

Well, hello there. Yes, I'm back from a wonderful month-long wander through the mountains of central Mexico. We had such a relaxing trip soaking up the warmth, colors and friendliness we met at every turn. I will share more photos later, I promise. Until then, here's one perfect frangipani blossom for you!

Back on the home front I'm attempting to find my rhythm again, to wrap my mind around the fact that leaving for a month of summer means that it will indeed be waning when you return. I'm hanging on to it though, harvesting carrots, cabbage, beans, flowers and more from the garden, picking blackberries and eyeing the apple trees. Tonight we're having friends over for a barbecue dinner on the deck -- even if we do have to wear jackets. 

I had planned to reopen the shop by now, but haven't quite gotten there yet. I have lots of great vintage ready and waiting for me to get it on the shelves, so it will be soon, stay posted.

I hope that this finds all of you enjoying the late days of summer.

xo for now!

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