Friday, July 18, 2014


In two days time I will be in Mexico for a month-long adventure. It will also mark the passing of what has been a pretty hard year. I say that knowing full well that many people in the world suffer daily more hardship than I have ever known, but for me, relative to my life, it's been a tough year. I'd like to think that leaving for a trip like this will mark the end of that year, and that this will be the respite I need to put it behind me, to hit the reset button, so to speak. I sure hope so. As I've said before, I don't get too personal in this space with specific details, but know that my troubles are probably similar to your own, involving family, health scares, and emotional pain. Much of it has thankfully passed, and what hasn't has become more manageable with time. Time, the great healer. I am also blessed to live in a beautiful place with a loving partner/best friend, with supportive friends and community around me. My gratitude for my good fortune will always outweigh any troubles that come my way. 

The early part of this summer has been a bit of a blur, but we did manage to pack the freezer with pounds and pounds of peak summer raspberries and (weirdly) early blueberries. We stacked our 3 cords of firewood, and now feel like squirrels with our cache of nuts waiting for the coming winter. When we return in late August, we'll pick blackberries to add to the stash, and maybe a few locally-caught salmon, too. 

I hope that wherever you are, life is treating you well, that summer is sweet, or winter, cozy. I'll be posting a few photos via instagram as I travel the mountain villages of Mexico. Follow along if you like! (click icon on right)

Until I return, cheers to you all.


photo: detail of mural by Diego Rivera at the Palacio Nacional, Mexico City


  1. didn't know you were on Insta -- now following, yay! I'm @moontrolling.
    stoked for your journey and hope it is adventurous and relaxing at the same time. can we squeeze 1 beach fire in before school cranks up again?? i'm in a whirlwind of festivals and roadtrips and friends for now, but settling down whatcom-style come August. maybe a visit to the LingerLonger meadows? xoxo, moonclips

    1. Yes! Let's get something on the books when we get back! LingerLonger sounds pretty inviting... Have fun in your travels, friend! xo

  2. Wonderful that you are on a journey! Last year we spent time in the Gulf to reset and I came home a new girl! :P May you have a blessed adventure! <3

    1. Thank you, Mahalaya! I will hope this trip serves me as well as yours! Enjoy your summer...