Monday, June 16, 2014


Here it is, mid-June and time has already sped up like we're in the heart of summer. Wild roses and columbine blooming, the peonies knocking our socks off, fresh salads from the garden, the first of the garlic harvested, stray kittens rescued and loved briefly before finding new homes, scooter rides around the island, fires on the beach and in the sky. Yesterday we ate strawberries right off the bush until we had our fill, then rode our bikes and picked roses from a beautiful bush alongside an abandoned house. I love this time of year but wish in some ways I could slow down time and savor it a bit more. 

How's June unfolding for you? 

p.s. Still using this from last June.


  1. You have such a beautiful window to this realm.

  2. Driving rain, moonstone skies, snowfall in the mountains, the dipping call of currawongs, the drip, drip of rain off the leaves, fluorescent greens, lamplight and quilts, knitting and soups. That's my June right now. Love your hand knit hats.

    1. Wow, sounds pretty dynamic! I love hearing from someone who's experiencing the opposite season to my own. Stay cozy, and thanks for your kind words about my hats!