Friday, June 20, 2014

happy solstice!

In celebration of the summer solstice tomorrow, please enjoy a 10% discount in the shop with the coupon code: SUMMER2014.

For those of you celebrating winter solstice in the southern hemisphere, please enjoy free shipping on all of my handmade wool hats with the coupon code: WINTER2104.

Happy solstice, everyone, whether it be summer or winter in your corner of the world!


(Both coupons good through Wednesday, June 25th. Free shipping on hats to addresses in the southern hemisphere only. One coupon code per customer.)

Monday, June 16, 2014


Here it is, mid-June and time has already sped up like we're in the heart of summer. Wild roses and columbine blooming, the peonies knocking our socks off, fresh salads from the garden, the first of the garlic harvested, stray kittens rescued and loved briefly before finding new homes, scooter rides around the island, fires on the beach and in the sky. Yesterday we ate strawberries right off the bush until we had our fill, then rode our bikes and picked roses from a beautiful bush alongside an abandoned house. I love this time of year but wish in some ways I could slow down time and savor it a bit more. 

How's June unfolding for you? 

p.s. Still using this from last June.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

sneak peek

Oh hi, remember me, that lazy blogger?! Yes, I'm still here. In truth, I haven't been being entirely lazy, I've just been very distracted by life. Nice weather, lots of working in the garden, enjoying the first beach fires of the season... and other (not so exciting) life stuff. I've also been stockpiling a nice collection of vintage that I will soon be listing in the shopThese are just a few of the things that will be included, if you see anything you'd like me to reserve for you let me know. (The Native Funk & Flash book is seriously quintessential 1970s hippie love!)

We've starting eating outside on our deck again, as the nights grow warmer and the light lingers later. I've grilled pizza twice in the past week and I think it's high time that I shared the recipe & how-to here, because honestly, it's so damn good! So, I'll be back soon with that. In the meanwhile, I hope that all is well in your worlds.


addendum: the Native Funk & Flash book has been spoken for...