Monday, March 3, 2014

art imitates life

A while back I knit a hat pattern that included bobbles. (For you non-knitters, bobbles are the round bumps you see on the hat above.) The thing was that I found making bobbles really annoying. It was one of those tasks that I just couldn't seem to get comfortable with, my tongue kind of sticking out to the side as I made them, exhaling each time I finished one to realize I'd been holding my breath. So, to try and find the love for bobbles, I decided to knit a hat covered in them. And, it worked! I can't believe I'm saying this, but now I actually think they're kind of fun to make. Another surprise was when I realized the hat bears a bit of a resemblance to a sea anemone! 

This bobbly hat is now available in the handmade section of the shop. 

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p.p.s. Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel opens this week! Trailer here.