Tuesday, February 25, 2014

snow days

We had a surprise snowstorm this weekend that blanketed us in a foot of snow. Snow is pretty fleeting in these parts, we might see it once or twice a year, so to get a heavy snow that sticks around is rare and exciting. We spent the first day bundled up with our boots on, tromping around through the forest and moving fallen branches off the road. That afternoon the power went out so we had a candlelit night stoking the fire and staying snug. 

The next morning we discovered we had also lost water and the phone line, so felt truly cut off. Neighbors were out walking around, checking to see if everyone was alright, if they had drinking water and everything they needed. Branches heavy with snow continued to fall, the sound of them cracking, the whooomp of the snow hitting the ground followed by the loud thump of the branch coming down. We melted big pots of snow on the wood stove to wash our dishes. By afternoon we decided to brave the roads and made our way down to the store to join the small crowd of fellow islanders with laptops, ipads, and other devices taking advantage of the Wi-Fi. Stories were swapped, gossip shared, lots of speculation about who had power and who didn't. We were enlisted to walk a quarter mile up our road to feed a cat who was home alone, its parents stranded off-island. 

By evening the power had been restored, water was flowing and everything was up and running. Perishables were retrieved from the snow-filled cooler and extra candles were tucked away. As glad as I was to see the lights flick on, I always enjoy the simple life of snow days. 

This morning the sun is out and it is a shining white winter wonderland. I know that the snow will melt away soon and we'll be back to our green world, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

p.s. My hat is the Snöflinga pattern from Wiksten.

p.p.s. Oh, and that shop update I mentioned last Friday? It'll be coming soon-ish. The lack of power over the weekend meant I didn't get all my photo editing done!

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  1. You guys got so much more snow than we did! It just melted away here. Your photos are beautiful. I actually, not so secretly, love power outages. They remind of the days when I first lived here, without continuous, always available electricity. Sure feels like spring today, but they're promising more snow on monday. Hope you have a lovely weekend.