Monday, February 10, 2014

boo radley's house

Boo doesn't live here anymore. Now it's just relics of the past and his grandparents who lived here before him. I counted at least 10 different layers of wallpaper, thick and peeling away from the walls, each representing a different era for this old house. I'm always so drawn to explore places like this, I guess it's as close to time traveling as I can get. But do you know what really gets me? There's an upstairs in this house, but no stairway! I'd best leave that be, though. Curiosity seems to have already killed one cat.


  1. Perhaps there is one of those drop down attic doors with a ladder attached somewhere on one of the ceilings in the house? I love exploring places such as this, here we have a bottle's the drug store from 1950-60's but the building has fallen down leaving thousands of bottles scattered everywhere! You hate to even walk on them. It's just 50's 60's not really worth much. But, I still wind up carrying back dozens when we walk. Also we have several old mills here, two of them were built by A. Lincoln's father...and they are very neat places, but nothing is like a home...because they hold such history in their walls. If you find a way up to the top...take us with you (via camera:P) <3

    1. I did look for one of those drop down doors, but didn't find one! I think the house is going to be renovated by a relative and that the stairway was torn out. Sounds like you have some very cool old buildings to explore in your area. Oh, and don't even get me started on old bottles... I'm a sucker!

  2. We have boxes and boxes of bottles in our house. I just am compelled to rescue them. :P My favorite are the ink well types, they are usually scattered all over the ground. Recently I was thinking about you when I came home with my recent find. It was a stack of 1800's -1950's sheet music! We have this crazy local shop that has a dollar bag day fill the bag up for a dollar and I took them all. Sometimes I just don't know what to do with this all. I get so excited rescuing things from the garbage pile. Some of the sheet music was really valuable maybe I will just post the whole lot on Ebay. Here's one of the books of the dozens we salvaged...ours is just like mint condition. I also found an 1800's era John P. Sousa Stars and Stripes in that heap...i was so excited. Hello Dolly and the Sound of Music was also in there.

  3. You inspired me to take some pictures and make a blog of some of this junk piled up in my garage!