Monday, October 7, 2013

this and that

Yes, there are still a few blossoms in the garden! Dahlias, calendula and fennel mostly - the sunflowers were offering lots of autumn color but finally toppled over from the rain and wind. I've been steadily seeing the garden through the last of the season, harvesting beets, cabbage, carrots, zucchini (will they ever stop?), kale, chard, green beans and broccoli. I just put the onions and winter squash into storage today. Then there's this little fellow...

I know it might be hard to tell since it's such a wee little thing, but this is a baby chanterelle and you will never guess where it's growing... right smack in the middle of my yard! I know, it's almost too crazy to believe, but it's true. And, it's not alone. The other morning I was walking across the grass and almost tripped over them, but if you've ever seen a golden chanterelle you will know what I mean about their distinct & unmistakable color. As I've mentioned before (here and here) I love wandering around the forest looking for wild mushrooms, so to find them growing right in my own yard seems almost too easy! When I dragged my guy out there in a state of disbelief, he said, "What's next, the salmon will start jumping out of the water and landing in our yard?!" "Yes," I said, "and the berries will pick themselves." 

It is my understanding that most wild mushrooms are difficult or impossible to cultivate - thus their high market value. I have read many times though, that when you're out hunting mushrooms, to carry them in a basket that has an open weave on the bottom. The thought is that as you're walking around the forest, spores from the mushrooms in your basket will fall to the ground and hopefully propagate more. I can't say if that really works or not, but whenever I bring home chanterelles, I take any little crumbly tidbits and sprinkle them around the mossy edges of my yard. Did it work? If so, I'm one lucky duck. Actually, I'm a lucky duck however it is that they have arrived in my yard!

Lastly, a book I must recommend, The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. Follow the link to read a description of the story if you like. I will simply say that this was the first book I'd read in a long while that swept me in so far that I didn't want to leave. I had to force myself not to read it in one big gulp and then find myself wishing it wasn't over. 

Okay then, I think I've covered the this and the that. Anyone have any book recommendations for me?

p.s. Here is another book I'd like to read.


  1. Lucky duck indeed!! We talk about how awesome that would be to have chanterelles growing in our yard pretty often, and have tried every year to spread their spores in areas that seem like would be favorable to them. Who knows? You give me hope :)

    1. I'll cross my fingers for you! We're not touching the ones in our yard in hopes of them getting good and established.