Sunday, September 1, 2013


A few good rains over the past week (and a tip from a friend) alerted us to head into the forest in search of the first chanterelles of the season. I am happy to report that after only a few minutes of wandering through the ferns we spotted their golden caps poking up through the forest duff. 

Foraging for food in the wild shifts me into a completely different state of mind. I feel so connected to the place, aware of the unique ecosystem I am standing in, and the subtle signs that tell where the mushrooms are hiding. It feels primal and right to be gathering & eating food that grows naturally in my local environment. 

Chanterelles have a scent that reminds me of apricots, earthy but somewhat sweet. Their flesh is firm and dry; you can break them in half in your hands and simply peel them into thin strips from the cap down before cooking them. They are delicious sautéed or in soups. We added these to a slow-cooked risotto and loved every bite.

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