Sunday, August 11, 2013

traveling without moving

A number of years ago, my man and I took an incredible 6-month long trip through India. As a birthday present to myself this year, I took 200 of my slides into the lab and had them scanned into digital files. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have these images so easily accessible to me now. Many of the photos are fuzzy and a bit overexposed by the brightness of India, but they are treasures to me. Looking at them gives me a slight lump in the throat as I am transported back to the places we visited. I can remember so vividly the smells and sounds, the feelings I had in those moments. If you've been to India yourself, maybe you can understand how that place gets under your skin and never leaves you. One day I will go back, but until then I will travel there through my photos... and maybe I'll share more here, too.

The flower seller was in the town of Vellore, the elephant (oh, how I love the elephants) was in the town of Kanchipuram, both in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

p.s. To learn more about how those piles of flower blossoms are used, follow this link.


  1. Jodi, you could sell (or exhibit) these prints. I went on to your shop today to shop, and I'm wondering if you would consider printing us an 8x10 of the elephant above? I love it so! You have such an eye for capturing the essence of all creatures big and small. Love Mitch

  2. Thanks for the kind words, friend! I will gladly make a print of the elephant for you! I have already begun the process of selecting some photos to make & sell prints in my shop. xo

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    1. I bought a vase, fell in love with the roundness, its dark brown glittering goldness. For some reason felt the need to seek out its origin. This weekend is Ganesha chaturthi so a fitting place to find a sister vase. Hello, this wanderer, also a rescuer of things and a gourd grower...and a crochetter...painter..maker is so happy to find you.

      Hari Om <3

    2. Namaste, Mahalaya! Serendipitous indeed that your search led you here... enjoy your upcoming celebrations!